Wasp Control

Any swarm of wasps should be removed as quickly as possible as they can establish new nests or hives very rapidly and in large numbers. Although wasps are considered beneficial insects, they become a danger to the health of humans and pets as a stinging pest, when they build nests or hives within, on or adjacent to areas where we live. 

Professional wasp removal by Pestman is your best choice to get rid of wasps around your home, garden or business.

Wasps are a flying insect pest common in Auckland and NZ throughout the dry summer months.  They form colonies and will mostly keep to themselves at their nest to protect their larvae. Beware if you disturb an active wasp nest as they have been known to swarm and attack when they or their larvae are threatened.

Wasps are a dangerous creature that can cause terrible life-threatening infections with a single sting. And if you live in and around New Zealand, it is especially important to destroy them in the first instance.