Flies Control

Flies are known pests worldwide.  They are generally connected with dirt, decay and disease, as many species of fly are known to carry disease due to their ingestion of animal faeces, and connection with decaying bodies. The fly is found on every continent with the exception of the innermost polar regions of the Arctic Circle and Antarctica.There are more than 240,000 different species of fly worldwide.

Most fly species primarily breed outdoors in decaying material which is most likely teeming with bacteria capable of causing disease. The presence of Flies in cafes, or food manufacturing can be dangerous. 

On any supermarket shelf, you can find multiple fly sprays which are OK for a DIYer to administer spot treatment for the problem. As with most non-professional products, though, these are weak alternatives.

 In many cases an interior treatment is sufficient, we use a product with a repellent effect for the interior treatment which will assist in keeping Flies at bay. in cases where you have issues outside with Flies then we can also carryout an exterior treatment.